Toritaka Sojuro

Crab Toritaka Hida Bushi


Toritaka Sojuro
Clan: Crab
Family: Toritaka
School: Hida Bushi

-Earth 2
Sta 3
Wil 2

-Water 3
Str 3
Per 3

-Air 2
Ref 2
Awa 2

-Fire 2
Agi 3
Int 2

-Void 2

Insight 128 (Rank 1)
Honor 1.5

Athletics 1
Battle (Specific Enemy: Shadowlands) 1
Calligraphy 2
Defense 2
Heavy Weapons 3
Jiujutsu 1
Kenjutsu 1
Kyujutsu 1
Lore (Ghosts) 2
Lore (Shadowlands) 1
Mediation 2
Tea Ceremony 1

Language: Nezumi
Language: Sign Language
Strength of Earth (1 level)

Lost Love

Katana, Wakizashi, Hankyu + 20 willow leaf arrows, Dai Tsuchi, Bo staff, heavy armor, finger of jade, kimono and sandals, traveling pack (Wide brimmed straw hat, Kiseru(pipe), small ancestor statue, Incense burner, blanket, Sumi-e(ink brush) kit, Tea Set, Flint and tinder, fishing pole, cooking pot), 5 koku


Sojuro is a hulk of a man, standing a full inch over six foot and built like bull with the large rough hands of laborer. His hair is shaggy, shoulder length and the natural black is quickly being invaded by white. His eyes are dark and deep set with the look of someone who has seen to much. Overall he looks not old, but older than he is.

Sojuro’s fate was sealed on his 12th birthday. Toritaka Oki, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, had arrived for the formal betrothal ceremony on what was to be a glorious day. Unfortunately for Sojuro that was not to be. When he called on his ancestors to bless the union nothing happened. No voices, no stirrings in the incenses, no ripples in the sake… the silence louder and more terrible than a voice of rebuke. On that night he left his familial home and traveled to a dojo where he lost himself in the training.
There he learned the basics of being a Samurai. The Katana and the Wakizahi. Tea and Calligraphy. He also learned of ghosts and demons and other foul creatures of the Shadowlands. And as he grew into the hulk of a man he is today his teachers took advantage of that size and focused him on the heave weapons that would crush the shells of those corrupted foes.

Dark secret
During his teenage years he spent most of his time away from his family, focused on his studies at the Dojo. Those times he did have free from study he spent on his uncle’s estate, a time where he would take advantage of his grandmother’s closeness and pester her about the past trying to find clues to his abandonment by the ancestors. Her oddly cagey answers mage him suspicious and drove him to search through the estates hidden places, and it was there he found a secret he wishes he hadn’t. Hidden letters told a story of how his grandmother had fallen for the charms of a wandering Crane samurai. While it explained his uncle’s scrawny stature, he’s not convinced it helps his own situation… and he doesn’t know that exposing her infidelity would do anything but cause his family strife. So for now he bides his time and asks his silent ancestors for guidance.

Toritaka Sojuro

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