Moto Xiang

Betrothed to Kitsuki Sumi


Moto Xiang is a member of the Moto family who takes more after his nomadic forebearers and doesn’t care overmuch for Rokugan’s distant politeness, nor does he quite get the concept of honor. (Think Mongol-esque.) Of course he’s well-thought-of on the battlefield, which is how he gained enough glory to be worthy of a good match and makes it difficult to politely excuse oneself from the arranged marriage. He doesn’t hate Sumi, but he’s affectionate and boisterous — definitely moreso than is Rokugani proper. (Big bear hugs and kisses on both cheeks kind of affectionate, that is.) This causes much embarassment to Sumi when he does it in court, and she fears she will spend the rest of her life making excuses for her future husband’s social gaffes and misunderstandings.


Moto Xiang

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