Kitsuki Sumi

Honorable courtier with keen eye, katana, and nagging ancestor


NAME: Kitsuki Sumi
CLAN: Dragon
SCHOOL: Kitsuki Courtier School

HONOR: 4.5

Stamina (STA): 2
Willpower (WIL): 2

Strength (STR): 2
Perception (PER): 2

AIR: 2
Reflexes (REF): 3
Awareness (AWA): 2

Agility (AGI): 3
Intelligence (INT): 3


Courtier 3 Awa 5k2 Gossip
Etiquette 3 Awa 5k2 Bureaucracy
Investigation 3 Various   Notice
Meditation 1 Void 3k2
Theology 1 Int 4k3
Iaijutsu 3 Ref 6k3
Lore Skill: Law 1 Int 4k3
Kenjutsu 3 Agi 6k3
Defense 2 Agi 5k3

Clear Thinker (4) – When someone tries to confuse, stall, or lie to you, he adds 10 to his roll’s TN. Opponents attempting to use the Feint maneuver against you in combat must make two Raises rather than the usual one.

Heartless (2) – Though others think you cruel and unfeeling, you merely have a superior devotion to duty that they cannot understand. Any attempts to sway your opinion by evoking compassion, courtesy, or even love are pointless. Anyone attempting to change your mind through use of any Skill such as Courtier or Deceit adds +10 to his TN.

Irreproachable (2) – Others find it impossible to tempt you into dishonorable behavior. For every 2 points you spend on this Advantage, attempts to bribe or seduce you are at +5 TN. (I spent 2.)

Precise Memory (3) – You have an incredible ability to memorize and recall large amounts of information, including names, dates, facts and figures. When attempting to remember information you have seen before, you must succeed at an Intelligence roll with a TN of 10. More obscure or specific information may increase the TN considerably at the GM’s discretion.

Can’t Lie (3) – You simply cannot tell a convincing lie. Characters who listen to you attempt a lie immediately know it is a falsehood—no roll is needed.

Idealistic (2) – You have extreme, romanticized views of bushido and honor. You are quick to pass judgment on those who do not adhere to these concepts as wholly as you do and go out of your way to help others overcome their own failings in this regard. Whenever you lose any Honor, you lose an additional point of Honor, but any Honor gains of five points or more are increased by one point.

Bitter Betrothal (2) – Your character has a spouse that causes problems in myriad ways, determined by the GM. – Betrothed to Moto Xiang, who both Sumi and her ancestor find appallingly awkward and carefree in matters of honor.

Haunted (3) – One of your ancestors has taken a particular interest in you, though you have yet to live up to his or her expectations. Your ancestor chooses the worst times to try and communicate with you, and during those times, your ancestor is insulting, irritating, and distracting. 3-points indicates the ancestor attempts to bother you at least once a day. Remember—no matter how insulting the spirit is, you must show deference and merely attempt to appease it.

2 kimonos
2 pairs of sandals
traveling pack – blanket, bottle of water, week’s supply of rations (rice balls), personal seal, lantern, flint and tinder, small knife, coin purse, whetstone, small tent
5 koku

School: Kitsuki Courier School
RANK 1: KITSUKI’S METHOD – Students of the Kitsuki Courtier School perceive the world in a logical fashion, relying on facts instead of emotional impressions. You may add twice your Intelligence to all Social Skill Rolls. Any opponent who makes a Contested Social Skill Roll against you must make Raises equal to your School Rank if the Skill Roll involves lying to you in any way.

RANK 2: WISDOM THE WIND BRINGS – Kitsuki courtiers tend to be alternately frustrating and beneficial in court settings due to their refusal to take a hasty view of any matter. You gain Free Raises equal to your School Rank on any Perception- or Willpower-related rolls.

RANK 3: FINDING THE PATH – Members of the Kitsuki family often serve as magistrates for their family, Clan, and even the Emerald Champion due to their dedication to justice and nearly supernatural perceptions. Whenever an individual of lower Intelligence attempts to consciously lie to you, you can automatically sense that the words are not truthful, though you do not know exactly how. Thus a Kitsuki conducting an interrogation generally aims for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to eliminate all possible variables. Keep in mind that this Technique only functions if your target is aware he is telling a lie; if he is unknowingly passing on false information, you learn nothing. In addition to this, you may spend a Void Point when conducting an interrogation to make a Contested Willpower Roll against the target. If you succeed, the target has unknowingly revealed more than he intended. (“He’s telling the truth. He’s not the killer… but he knows who is.”)

RANK 4: KNOW THE RHYTHM OF THE HEART – Though students of Kitsuki’s Technique prefer the cold pursuit of logic, they learn to take advantage of others’ emotions. After spending at least five minutes in conversation with another character, you may make a contested Intelligence roll against that character to discern any allies or enemies the target has (such as from mechanical effects such as Minor Ally or Sworn Enemy). The conversation need have nothing to do with the ally or enemy. In addition, any time you spend a Void Point to enhance a Contested Social Skill Roll, you roll and keep two extra dice instead of one.

RANK 5: KITSUKI’S EYES – The most skilled Dragon envoys can detect falsehood, motive, truth, and guilt with a glance and a moment’s consideration. Any time an opponent attempts to lie to you and fails, he immediately loses two Void Points and you gain two Void Points. This does not allow you to have more Void Points than your Void Ring. If your opponent does not have two Void Points to lose, he may not lie (and either remains silent or speaks the truth). Allies may not intentionally lie to you to grant you this bonus.

One of your ancestors fought and died at a Great Battle. Your gempukku took place at that battlefield and ever since that day, your ancestor has haunted you. He guides you, advises you, and makes certain that you make no mistakes. He can give you 3 void points per day, but he never lets you forget that he’s right over your shoulder making sure that your actions do not bring dishonor to the Clan.

When you were younger, you got very lucky in a duel against a legendary swordsman. Now you have a reputation as a swordswoman of legendary status. Sometimes it gets you free room and board. Sometimes it gets you a challenge a day.


Born a Mirumoto, Sumi found herself fascinated with the Kitsuki justicars who would come to the Mirumotos to learn to duel. Determined to become a justicar herself, Sumi learned what she could of dueling and then joined the Kitsuki family and began attending the Kitsuki Courtier school. (More fluff to come!)

Kitsuki Sumi

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